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Tips For Players Of PoE

Most beginners may know few about the Path of Exile. In the meantime, players discover something new every day, let's dive into this Path of Exile list of things you might not know about PoE. Item stat requirements determine how likely one is to get a socket colour. Dex= green. Str= red. Int= blue. An item with very high dex requirement is much more likely to roll green sockets. Control clicking the entrance to an area will allow you to open a new instance of that zone. Item level determines how many sockets an item can get and the type and values of affixes it can roll. Item level of an item (ilvl) can be found by holding down alt while hovering over the item. Vorici overrides ilvl socket restriction. Lvl 8 Vorici can change colour on corrupted item sockets. There are signs that point in the right location in most zones. Ie. Blackguard corpses in front of warehouse entrances. Rock formation next to WP in ledge and so on. There exists vendor recipes, where you sell certain items or item combinations to get something other than shards from vendor. Like Horadric cube from Diablo 2. "More" and "less" are multipliers, while "increase" and "decrease" are additive. If something is worded like "enemies take 10 % increased damage" it's effectually a damage multiplier even though it says "increased". Ie= Vulnerability, Dyadus and intimidate. You don't necessarily have to seal the prophecies you don't want to do. The devourer prophecy for example can be gotten rid of easily by going to any outdoor area. It's multiplicative in total only if the enemy has a single "increased damage taken" mod on them. That is, if they have "20% increased damage taken" you're doing 20% more damage, but if they have "20% increased damage taken" from one source and "20% increased damage taken" from another, you do 40% more, not 1.2*1.2 = 44% more. When you encounter some problems that you don't understand in the game, please don't panic, you can log in our official website on, there are some guides and news related to the Path of Exile for beginners.

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