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Fortnite Weapons Guide - Basic Info and Stats of the Dragon's Claw

Fortnite Dragon's Claw is a Legendary Dragon Weapon in Save the World and uses Heavy Bullets, deal Fire damage. This rifle is one of our new hot sale Fortnite Weapons, is powerful and accurate, can fire tiny fireworks that embed in targets and explode shortly thereafter. Fire damage is successful against natural enemies but weak against water enemies. You may need 15 Blast Powder, 30 Mechanical Parts, 1 Active Powercell, 11 Ore to craft it. Without further ado, let's dive right into this guide.

Keep in mind that the Dragon's Claw also has the other version:

Dragon Sniper Rifle is the Epic version of this weapon.


Click here:


Basic Info

Name Value
Damage 170
Crit Chance 10%
Crit Damage +75%
Fire Rate 0.7
DPS 366.5
Magazine Size 3
Range 256
Durability 375
Durability per Use 0.73
Reload Time 3.0
Ammo Type Ammo: Heavy Bullets
Ammo Cost 1
Impact 675

Trait Synergies

Name Class Description
Advanced Tactics Soldier Ranged weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.
Debilitating Shots Soldier Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Enduring Machine Constructor Your weapon takes 60% less durability damage while on BASE.
Explosive Rounds Soldier Killing 10 enemies with a ranged weapon deals X damage in a 1 tile radius.
Eye on the Prize Outlander Every 15 headshot kills grants 1 Charge Fragment.
Fragment Generation Outlander Every 60 kills grant 1 Charge Fragment.
Grenade Generation Soldier Every 30 kills with a ranged weapon grants 1 Frag Grenade. Count resets after 15 seconds without a kill.
I Love to Reload! Soldier Reloading the equipped weapon increases run speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Improved Headshots Soldier Increases headshot damage multipler of ranged weapons by 13%/20%/27%.
In a Pinch Soldier Increases weapon reload speed by 35% if the magazine is empty.
Locked and Reloaded Soldier After reloading, rate of fire is increased by 25% for 5 seconds.
Make It Rain Soldier Headshotting enemies increases ranged weapon rate of fire by 25% for 5 seconds.
Precision Handling Outlander Hitting a headshot increases the speed of your next reload by 7%. Max 35%. Resets after reloading.
Quick Clip Soldier Increases reload speed by 30%.
Quick Scope Outlander Increases sniper rifle rate of fire by 35%.
Start Up Soldier Firing with a ranged weapon increases rate of fire by 1.2% per shot for up to 20 shots. Resets on reload or weapon switch.
Steady Aim Soldier Reduces recoil by 29%.
Sure Shot Outlander Increases sniper rifle critical damage by 35%/53%/70%.
Survivalist Soldier Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon recovers 5 base health per second over 3 seconds. Kills reset the healing duration. Will not activate on full health.
There Are Many Like It... Soldier Your weapon takes 45% less durability damage while affected by War Cry.
War Cry Soldier Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles for 10 seconds. Grants 45% more damage and 30% attack speed for ranged weapons and 45% more damage and 20% attack speed for melee weapons.


Dragon's Claw was offered as featured loot in Spring Llamas purchased from the Vindertech Store through the Spring It On! event.

Pros and Cons


High accurate.

High impact.

High damage.

Fire damage is effective against nature enemies.



Fire damage is weak against water enemies.

Vs Other Weapons

Dragon's Claw vs Thrasher


Thrasher is a Legendary Heavy Auto Pistol and makes use of Light Bullets. Compare to the Thrasher, Dragon's Claw has low damage and low impact.


However, to some extent, Dragon's Claw is definitely an extremely gimmicky sniper rifle. It's nigh-universally reviled. The Riptide can be a Thrasher with superior crafting efficiency. The Thrasher is often a quite damn great gun.



Dragon's Claw vs Dragon's Might vs Dragon's Roar


Before comparing, let's take a look at the two weapons except Dragon's Claw: Dragon's Might and Dragon's Roar. They are both the Dragon Weapon and deal fire damage. Check out the difference in their stats in the table below:


Dragon's Might Dragon's Roar
Name Value Name Value
Damage 60 Damage 36
Crit Chance 5% Crit Chance 15%
Crit Damage +50% Crit Damage +75%
Fire Rate 4.17 Fire Rate 5
Magazine Size 5 Magazine Size 20
Range 256 Range 4096
Durability 375 Durability 375
Durability per Use 0.26 Durability per Use 0.11
Reload Time 2.7 Reload Time 2.5
Ammo Type Ammo: Shells 'n' Slugs Ammo Type Ammo: Medium Bullets
Ammo Cost 1 Ammo Cost 1
Impact 240 Impact 80


Even together with the Dragon's Roar nerf, it's nevertheless the very best weapon out of your new event set. Fire Elemental+Affliction and also the only AR with penetrating shots. The Dragon's Could possibly is super terrible, the spread for it can be atrocious. Snipers, in general, they aren't seriously viable.



Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 - Locations of the Different Stone Heads

In the Fortnite Season 5 Week 9 paid Battle Pass group, there's a challenge that'll need a fair bit of legwork to acquire completed. This one tells you to take a look at seven distinctive Stone Heads around the map. Here will be the locations of exactly where to seek out them.


If you're a hardcore Fortnite player, you are going to almost certainly possess a good notion of what to complete and exactly where to go, thinking of that the Stone Heads are normally inside the same position, and this type of challenge has popped up previously. Having said that, if you're new to the game and this challenge, we're right here to lend an assisting hand. Beneath you will find a list of all the areas we've spotted the Stone Heads, so merely high tail it involving these and you will be accomplished in no time. 


Fortnite Stone Head Locations

South east of Junk Junction

North of Tomato Temple

North west of Dusty Divot

East of Lonely Lodge

North east of Greasy Grove

South east of Shifty Shafts

West of Lucky Landing


After you are done with this week's challenges, there is nonetheless far more to accomplish, as developer Epic Games also has rolled out Fortnite's five.40 update. This introduces the Higher Stakes occasion, which can be a brand new limited-time mode has its personal set of challenges to complete. If you want, you can Buy Fortnite Items on U4GM where you can quickly purchase the items that you want without any delays or risks involved. 


Fortnite Week 9 - How to Locate the Shifty Shafts Treasure Map

Fortnite Week 9 challenges are now live, challenges are split into two categories, with 1 selection of them obtainable to all players and the other exclusively to those that have paid for any Battle Pass. All you've got to accomplish is comprehensive the objectives and, in return, you get Battle Stars that unlock new goodies. Here's how to do them, including where to find the Shifty Shafts treasure map.



The treasure map could be the week's challenge most likely to take the longest, that is, in the event, you do it the hard way and in fact uncover the treasure map, then comply with it. The option way should be to just adhere to our guide: Given that you don't technically will need to obtain the map to finish the challenge, you are able to skip going to Shifty Shafts and locating the map and rather head for the location it really is, in the end, pointing you toward. In this case, it's inside the mountains just north of Salty Springs and south of Dusty Divot. When there, you will spot somewhat the collection of stone pillars where you will also see the Battle Star. 


This week's other challenges are not as well difficult. Around the absolutely free side, you are going to have to have to deal 500 damage with explosive Fortnite Weapons, use an ATK or possibly a Purchasing Cart to rack up 150,000 Trick points, and stick to the aforementioned Shifty Shafts treasure map.


For all those who've paid for the Season 5 Battle Pass side, there are actually 4 extra challenges to finish. You will need to have to search for 1 chest in Pleasant Park (this is the initial stage on the challenge, at which point 4 additional stages will unlock one by 1). On leading of that, you'll need to check out seven distinct Stone Heads, take out five players with an assault rifle, as well as eradicate three enemies in Tomato Temple. Here's the complete list:


Fortnite Week 9, Season five Challenges




Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents (500) - five Battle Stars

Get Trick Points in a Purchasing Car or truck or ATK (150,000) - five Battle Stars

Challenging: Adhere to the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts - ten Battle Stars


Battle Pass


(Stage 1) Search Chests in Pleasant Park (1) - five Battle Stars

Visit diverse Stone Heads (7) - 5 Battle Stars

Difficult: Assault Rifle Eliminations (5) - 10 Battle Stars

Difficult: Eliminate opponents in Tomato Temple (three) - ten Battle Stars


Developer Epic Games also has rolled out Fortnite's 5.40 update, which introduces the High Stakes event. This new limited-time mode has its personal set of challenges to complete. The update also adds the Grappler item in, which is utilized primarily to zip around the atmosphere. 


How Can You Be a Winner through Fortnite "The Getaway"

The most exciting news about Fortnite recently is the limited-time event 'High Stakes' is now live. In addition to the new Outfit and other cosmetics, there are new challenges and rewards. You can check out the challenges:


Challenge 1: Play 10 matches of The Getaway. Reward: 5,000 XP

Challenge 2: Deal 500 damage to jewel-carrying opponents. Reward: New High Stakes spray.

Challenge 3: Pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of The Getaway. Reward: High Stakes contrail.

Complete all three to earn the Crowbar.



Unlike the battle royale modes, the Getaway not a mode about last-man-standing. Rather, 4 teams will win each and every match and they will do so by stealing a jewel and after that finding away on a floating getaway van. It is a heist mode.


When the match starts you are going to currently see the quite initially circle. The 4 safes that have the jewels in them will appear as you float above inside the Battle Bus. I highly advocate you land in the first circle or extremely close to it because the storm will move in pretty swiftly soon after you make landfall. Each and every safe and also the region about it will likely be swarmed by players resulting in crazy gunfights and swift deaths. Here are two strategies for you to win, and keep in mind that do not skimp on your wallet, keeping an eye on Buy Fortnite Materials can save you a lot of time.


NO.1 The Vulture


So 1 viable method here is to let other teams pick every single other off and, when the moment is ripe, descend on the victors as they lick their wounds, wipe the squad and steal the jewel. Going in rapidly prior to other teams have a likelihood to obtain to the safe may function, but you are basing good results on equal components luck and ability. Even genuinely good players are going to have a tough time in such a busy, chaotic maelstrom of death.


So loot up, hang back, and coordinate together with your squad. Pick off your enemies immediately after they've weakened 1 another, then grab the jewel and high-tail it to one of the three escape vans. (A fourth van seems later inside the match, but only four total.)


NO.2 The Leopard


A second viable technique will be to ambush the team that created it out together with the jewel as they get for the floating getaway van. The key here is the fact that the vans are constantly way up in the air, which means players will require to construct to reach them.


Yesterday I won various matches of this, but my favored win was achieved by hanging out amongst two floating escape vans with my squad (comprised, at the time, of my 8 and 11 year-olds.) We built a compact fort involving the two vans having a superior, clean view of each of them then just waited. At some point, we saw two players, one carrying the jewel, method the eastern van.


Previous: Fortnite Legendary Dragon Weapons Guide - Dragon's Claw


Positive sufficient, they built a ramp as much as the van and when they reached the best, I basically shot out the bottom piece on the ramp which, in turn, destroyed the entire ramp and platform hurtling both enemy players to their deaths below. Then we ran over, grabbed the jewel, zipped about to a high ledge that was more protected, and built a ramp over to the van and won. This is a heist mode, following all, and also the important is usually to play smart. We let the other squad do all the dirty perform of fighting other teams, then ambushed them and stole their loot.


Each of these approaches will lead to you gradually chipping away at Challenge #2 and #3. The second challenge tasks you with doing damage to opponents carrying the jewel, so you are going to need to generally let the other teams get it initially, no matter if you take them on at the protected or at the van. Meanwhile, the third challenge merely asks that you simply carry the jewel five times. That is difficult because you are operating with teammates, all of whom will want to perform this individually, but so long as you'll be able to take out the other group and grab it from them, you are no less than killing two birds with one particular stone.


In any case, there is no certain technique to total these challenges besides playing and you are going to probably require to play pretty a little to finish all of them, in particular since you happen to be never ever assured to carry the jewel due to the fact you are playing with three other individuals in your squad. Possibly it is possible to work it out with other players.

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