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Fortnite Android FAQ You Need to Know

Based on the official news, Epic confirms that it won't be providing Fortnite for Android through the Google Play Store. A couple of days right after rumors started piling up, Epic has confirmed that Fortnite for Android won't be offered around the Google Play Retailer. As an alternative, users will have to download the game directly from Epic's website. The following items you need to know concerning the Fortnite Android. 



NO.1 When will it be obtainable for Android?


Fortnite has been offered for Pc, Xbox 1 and PlayStation 4 for a handful of months now, and is now widely out there on iOS devices just after a brief invite-only beta.


There happen to be no firm dates set for an Android release by Fortnite's developer, Epic Games, however, they have mentioned counting on Fortnite Mobile to launch on Android sometime this summer season. For now, Android customers can head on over to Epic Games, login or produce your Fortnite Account, then let the developers know which device you plan to play on which will also add you to the mailing list to be informed when the game ultimately drops.


Until then, a minimum of we has got PUBG to tide us more than. We know completely well how complicated it may be to earn items in Fortnite. U4GM gives a safe xafsplace for persons to Buy Fortnite Items at the least expensive attainable prices. 


NO.2 Will it be free of charge to play?


Epic Games has so far released the PvP Battle Royale game totally free across all platforms such as the mobile version for iOS. The console version also has a paid game mode named Save The World that's Player vs Environment (PvE). Save The Planet plays much more like Minecraft, where you're harvesting more sources and stocking up on loot to survive waves of AI enemies in a sort of tower defense-style of gameplay.


The PvE mode won't be out there in Fortnite Mobile resulting from CPU limitations and, frankly, it really is the PvP mode that every person is crazy for so that's rather alright with us.


Nevertheless, the mobile version will provide in-app purchases for cosmetic items to customize your player and individuals sure happen to be obtaining stuff. Based on this report from Sensor Tower analytics, Fortnite Mobile players spent more than $1 million during the 1st 72 hours of its release on iOS. Wow.


So, to answer the query, you have the option to spend funds on Fortnite if you'd like a cool searching character, however, the game is totally free to play and you won't require to spend to win.


NO.3 Will there be assistance for Bluetooth controls?


Epic Games has indicated that Bluetooth controller help is going to be coming later, but as of at the moment only touchscreen controls are readily available.


NO.4 Is it cross-platform?


Epic Games have indicated that you just will probably be able to play Fortnite across all platforms. Your Fortnite profile is usually connected to all the platforms you play on so you may add to your stats nevertheless you connect for the game.


Don't be worried about having mismatched because of the one mobile player inside a server of Computer and console players. If you are playing solo on mobile, you can only be matched up against other mobile players. Should you join a squad with close friends playing on another platform, then that squad will likely be matched against a multi-platform population, essentially generating cross-platform play opt-in.


NO.5 How does it compare to the PS4 version?


When the iOS version of Fortnite is anything to go by, the Android version will take pleasure in function parity with all other platforms, which includes PS4, Pc, Xbox One particular, and Nintendo Switch. There might be minor variations to account for the type factor, such as (hopefully) support for Bluetooth controls, on-screen controls for all those not employing a controller, and certainly toned down graphics capability. But if you need to jump in for a fast game of Battle Royale, you will not need to worry about playing a vastly various game. Fortnite on Android continues to be Fortnite.


NO.6 Are you currently hyped for Fortnite?


We'll make sure to allow you to know when the game launches for Android. Till then, you could develop your Epic Games account and start off playing on on the list of other platforms to start getting a manage around the game.


Fortnite Weapons Guide on How to Use Pulverizer

Fortnite Pulverizer is really a Legendary Hydraulic Weapon in Save the Planet. This hammer delivers a greater knockback at the cost of a slow swing rate. You might possibly like it in case you're okay with the slow swing speed. Its heavy attack can knock back foes. You may want 6 Planks, 24 Stringy Twine, 1 Active Powercell, eight Ore, 10 Batteries to craft it. Choose to use this weapon but still do not know it extremely well? It might be helpful to study this guide very carefully and having enough Fortnite Materials. Now let's get began!


Click here:


Bear in mind that Pulverizer also has other versions:

Hydraulic Sledge is the Epic version of this weapon.


Basic Info

Name Value
Damage 46
Critical Hit Chance 20%
Critical Hit Damage +50%
DPS 146.0
Attack Speed 1.714
Durability 375
Impact 316

Trait Synergies

Name Class Description
Actuated Attacks Constructor Increases blunt melee damage by 25%.
Bull Crush Constructor At the end of Bull Rush, Hardware damage increases by 55% for 10s.
Corrosion Ninja Critical hits from melee weapons deal 15% of hit damage every second for 3 seconds while reducing movement speed by 30%.
Enduring Machine Constructor Your weapon takes 60% less durability damage while on BASE.
Fragment Generation Outlander Every 60 kills grant 1 Charge Fragment.
Hammer Crit Chance Constructor Increases blunt melee critical rating by 18.
Hammer Crit Damage Constructor Increases hammer critical damage by 70%.
Hearty Blows Constructor Every 4th hit with a Hardware weapon restores 49 base health to the Constructor.
Hearty Strikes Ninja Every 4th hit with a melee weapon restores 24 base health.
Heaviest Attacks Ninja Increases combo attack damage by 15%.
Kinetic Overdrive Constructor When Kinetic Overload is triggered, it affects targets within a 0.5 tile radius of the primary target.
Kinetic Overload Constructor Critical hits with hardware melee weapons trigger a Kinetic Overload, dealing a base of 140 plasma energy damage and knockback to the target.
Lightweight Constructor Increases Hardware attack speed by 24%.
Nice and Slow Constructor Kinetic Overload applies a 40% slow to affected targets, reducing their movement and attack speed for 5 seconds.
Punchy Outlander Increases blunt weapon damage & impact by 6%/9%/12%.
Shadow Stance Ninja After defeating an enemy with a melee weapon or edged damage, the Ninja enters a Shadow Stance for 4 seconds. During Shadow Stance damage resistance is increased by 15%, Mantis Leap costs 60% less energy and the Ninja becomes more difficult to see.
Software Constructor Increases Hardware heavy attack energy efficiency by 150%.
Stormborne Ninja Melee kills increases movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Stun Baton Outlander Melee critical hits do increased impact and add 1.5 seconds of stun when the enemy is interrupted.
Survivalist Soldier Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon recovers 5 base health per second over 3 seconds. Kills reset the healing duration. Will not activate on full health.
There Are Many Like It... Soldier Your weapon takes 45% less durability damage while affected by War Cry.
Vigorous Strikes Ninja Steals 5 energy every 4 melee strikes against an enemy.
Wake Up Call! Constructor Ninja deals 28% more melee weapon damage to enemies that are stunned, staggered, or knocked back.
War Cry Soldier Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles for 10 seconds. Grants 45% more damage and 30% attack speed for ranged weapons and 45% more damage and 20% attack speed for melee weapons.


Pulverizer was obtainable as featured loot in Storm Llamas bought from the Vindertech Store throughout the Mutant Storms event.

Pros and Cons


High knockback.

The heavy attack can knock back foes.

Has nice rolls.

Good for clearing walls.



A slow swing rate.

Vs Other Weapons

Pulverizer vs Walloper


Walloper is a hammer that delivers a hefty punch with slow, wide swings. The Heavy attack that jumps for the targeted foe and damages and knocks down nearby enemies.


For those who use a constructor that added benefits from the Hardware melee weapons, your Pulverizer would serve you nicely. I've identified it does a pretty superior job of knocking back pretty a great deal all of the enemies on each 2-3 frequent hits. The heavy attack tends to launch em back rather a little (fantastic for those Husky Husk, Blasters, and Smashers). It eats correctly by means of the regular ones and these tiny annoying leaping ones. You could like it when you are okay with all the slow swing speed.


Walloper has a larger damage and impact than Walloper. Craft each hammer lvl 1 and make a decision which you like far more they are pretty close if it about stats.



How to Become an Excellent Player in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the hottest games of the recent game. If you are looking for some guides to let you become an excellent player in Fortnite Battle Royale, you've come to the right place, let us now take a look at some of the things you need to learn and pay attention to. 
If you are missing any Fortnite Items in the game, U4GM as a professional website will provide you with the items you need at the best price and the fastest speed.
1. Use headphones
To turn the tables in your enemies you can invest within a decent pair of cans oneself. The game is free of charge, so you may have saved some money to place towards some, definitely. Because knowing exactly where other players are is half the battle (royale), wearing headphones can be the difference between life and death - even if you will be lacking in loot. Keep your own noise to a minimum and, after you hear another sound, be on the alert.
2. Limit the sound you make
Just about the most crucial Fortnite recommendations will be to maintain the decibel level to an absolute minimum. If a player nearby can detect you with some half-decent headphones, they have a significant benefit - even though you happen to be brimming with legendary loot. So run as little as you possibly can.
3. The circle is all that matters
Probably the most important Fortnite recommendations would be to often be aware with the circle, forever shrinking in size, generally prepared to swallow you. Every strategic selection needs to be created along with your proximity relative for the eye on the storm in thoughts.
Already inside the circle when the timer begins ticking down? Terrific - pay interest to the way in which it truly is shrinking. Will you be outdoors it shortly? 
In case you are down in your luck and the secure zone is actually a trek away, finding there is certainly your priority. When you spot a further play, and you can't defeat them sharpish - get previous them. For heaven's sake don't get into a protracted scrap: you might win some pride but which is worth absolutely nothing after you are dead.
4. Drink shield potions quickly (the majority of the time)
If you get this small pot of blue goodness to ensure you snaffle it up, quickly. It'll make a major distinction for your Fortnite gameplay. The 50% shield buff lasts for the duration with the match, but, considering that it is actually a shield buff, it'll not protect you from specific harm kinds, like falling. What's extra, it is possible to stack two, doubling your beginning max well being and providing you a serious benefit.
5. Only engage after you are particular of success
In contrast to the vast majority of multiplayer shooters, the aim of Fortnite Battle Royale should be to survive, not to get kills. This is arguably probably the most crucial Fortnite tricks to recall: you might get 98 kills and nevertheless drop.
Instead, you may need to survive towards the incredible end, and that means you need to assess carefully irrespective of whether any engagement is needed constantly. Some unwise aggro will alert the target and nearby players to your place, bringing a swift and premature end for your game. 
6. Do not loot bodies straight away
If you get a kill, it truly is really hard to not zip more than to your unfortunate victim's corpse and loot the shower of items that have erupted from their physique. Resist this temptation. Also, when looting, develop about yourself even though you swap out gear. This really is even more important when healing or making use of shield potions: you under no circumstances know who was watching your fight by means of a scope and just waiting to land an easy headshot.
7. The cover is destructible, generally, possess a plan B
This can be an essential distinction between Fortnite gameplay and PUBG's: all cover in Fortnite is destructible. Don't trust it. Anytime you start off to feel comfy and hubris begins to set in, make sure you possess a contingency plan or possibly a viable, easily-accessible escape route for when issues inevitably go tits up.
On the flip side, for those who handle to track down a grenade or rocket launcher, they'll be necessary for leveling the very carefully constructed fortresses and hiding spots housing the rivals around you. 
8. Around the alert all the time
Truly, you must be around the alert at all times. This is not a game for the faint-hearted. Many of the most important Fortnite Battle Royale tips are to never ever loosen up, and generally assume there is certainly yet another player just around the corner, waiting to invite you to a sophisticated dinner date with their pump-action shotgun. For those who hear a faint noise, wait. Then wait once again. As soon as you get complacent, you are going to be shot dead and bumped back on the lobby screen, all anguish and frustration. 
Maybe there are some things that I didn't mention, but mastering these skills will benefit you a lot.

Comprehensive Fortnite Flush Factory Chest Locations Guide

One of the full slate for Week 4 of Fortnite Season 5 - Search chests in Flush Factory, you are nonetheless going to have to have to understand exactly where to appear inside the named location once you get there though it may possibly be one of many simpler-sounding Fortnite Week four Challenges, so you are able to obtain all seven chests in one go.


Within this Fortnite Flush, Factory chests guide we'll be going precisely that, walking you through the complete list from the various Flush Factory chest locations, so you can get this challenge comprehensive as promptly as possible. Within the course of action, if you need to Buy Fortnite Weapons, U4GM will be a good choice.



As this challenge, dictates inside the name, you will need to ‘Search chests in Flush Factory'. All in all, you will find seven chests in total inside Flush Factory to wrap up this challenge, but these do not will need to all be discovered within the same game-you can as an alternative take nevertheless many games you should rack up seven chests searched in total.


Now I'll be detailing the full list of chest areas that we've found so far in Flush Factory:


1. Down the primary slope in the northern parking lot, you may smash via wooden boxes to seek out a chest.


2. In the middle greatest building on the lowest floor, you can locate a chest on major from the makeshift white viewing area, with chairs positioned in front in the window looking in.


3. Adhere to the broken conveyor belt with toilets located around the second floor, and also you can discover a chest inside the corner with the western creating.


4. Within the eastern, smaller sized creating of Flush Factory, you are able to come across a chest on the second floor, subsequent to a hole inside the floor.


5. You are able to locate one chest in the northern parking lot, inside the back of a car towards the west.


6. In the west of Flush Factory and around the higher level, you are able to find a chest inside the open, grey container.


7. There's at times a chest that seems on leading with the toilet on a sizable pole within the northern parking lot.


For more Fortnite guides, you can check out our Fortnite Guides center.


Fortnite Weapons Guide - Do You Know How to Use the Quad Launcher

Fortnite Quad Launcher is a Legendary Military Weapon used in Save the World. This Explosive Weapon can Shoot rockets that explode into a pool of fire for any quick duration, delivers fire damage, launches as a lot as 4 rockets ahead of reloading. This weapon will rather swiftly consume its durability although it does not consume ammo. You'll need 15 Quad Launcher, 12 Mechanical Parts, and 3 Ore to craft it, in the meantime, if you need to Buy Fortnite Materials, U4GM will be your best choice. Don't know much about this kind of weapon? Come and enter this guide.  


Source from:


Basic Info

Name Value
Damage 44
Crit Chance 10%
Crit Damage +50%
Fire Rate 0.75
Magazine Size 4
Range 512
Durability 15
Durability per Use 1.0
Reload Time 3.5
Ammo Type Explosive Rounds
Ammo Cost 1
Impact 293

Trait Synergies

Name Class Description
Advanced Tactics Soldier Ranged weapon damage increased by 10%. Health increased by 10%.
Debilitating Shots Soldier Dealing ranged damage applies one stack of Vulnerability, increasing damage taken from all sources by 5% on the target for 15 seconds. Stacks up to 3 times.
Enduring Machine Constructor Your weapon takes 60% less durability damage while on BASE.
Explosive Rounds Soldier Killing 10 enemies with a ranged weapon deals X damage in a 1 tile radius.
Eye on the Prize Outlander Every 15 headshot kills grants 1 Charge Fragment.
Faster Explosions Constructor Increases explosive weapon reload speed by 35%.
Fragment Generation Outlander Every 60 kills grant 1 Charge Fragment.
Grenade Generation Soldier Every 30 kills with a ranged weapon grants 1 Frag Grenade. Count resets after 15 seconds without a kill.
I Love to Reload! Soldier Reloading the equipped weapon increases run speed by 30% for 3 seconds.
Improved Headshots Soldier Increases headshot damage multipler of ranged weapons by 13%/20%/27%.
In a Pinch Soldier Increases weapon reload speed by 35% if the magazine is empty.
Locked and Reloaded Soldier After reloading, rate of fire is increased by 25% for 5 seconds.
Quick Clip Soldier Increases reload speed by 30%.
Start Up Soldier Firing with a ranged weapon increases rate of fire by 1.2% per shot for up to 20 shots. Resets on reload or weapon switch.
Steady Aim Soldier Reduces recoil by 29%.
Survivalist Soldier Killing an enemy with an ability or weapon recovers 5 base health per second over 3 seconds. Kills reset the healing duration. Will not activate on full health.
There Are Many Like It... Soldier Your weapon takes 45% less durability damage while affected by War Cry.
War Cry Soldier Give a War Cry, affecting friendly characters within 4 tiles for 10 seconds. Grants 45% more damage and 30% attack speed for ranged weapons and 45% more damage and 20% attack speed for melee weapons.
Waste Not Want Not Soldier Increases ammo capacity of all weapons by 40%.


Quad Launcher may be purchased in the Event Store throughout the Blockbuster event for 1680 Gold. 

Pros and Cons


Can cause fire damage to enemies in a short time. 

Doesn't consume ammo. 

Nice AoE effect.



Low durability.

Vs Other Weapons

Quad Launcher vs Dam Buster


Dam Buster, a Legendary Hydraulic Weapon that uses rockets, unlike the Quad Launcher deals fire damage, it repels the enemy by a highly effective rocket. The Dam Buster has a higher damage and impact than Quad Launcher.


Quad Launcher after leveled up is a nice, godly thing to enjoy with clusters of mobs in the way, but one the other hand, but in fact, it isn't actually very practical. Dam Buster may be a better choice, and it is not locked to an element.



Quad Launcher vs Noble Launcher


Noble Launcher, if you follow the weapons guide on our website, you will know that we have detailed this weapon before. Noble Launcher's same thing with the Quad Launcher is that it does not consume ammo but at the cost of swiftly consumes its durability. Noble Launcher deals energy damage.


Each is terrific for various factors. Quad Launcher has a good damage over time AoE effect. and Noble Launcher just murders all the things in sight.


So Quad Launcher for controlling narrow points of entry like funnel exits, and Noble Launcher for destroying all the things in an open cone in front of you. (has much more spread, like a shotgun).



Advice For Effective Farming In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, do you know any advice for generating more currency? You may have heard some suggestions thrown around, and you've tried looking them up but can't figure out if they are still recent and worth doing, or if they are out-dated. In fact, you need make a build with increased quantity items, like sadima's, goldwyrm, bisco's collar, bisco's leash and ventor's gamble. You don't need all of them to start out with, so I would suggest using sadima's, bisco's leash and goldwyrm. Or you can choose to buy poe currency cheap. Then run as many maps as you can. Shaped Underground Sea is very profitable for me because of the super high mob count, especially with permanent elder influence (look up info on elder circles), but many people like to run Burial Chambers for Headhunter divination cards. Since your currency gain per hour is directly dependent of how fast you clear maps, you want to play efficiently (after finishing a map, immediately open the next map, dump your loot in a dump tab and enter the map) and play a fast build. Kinetic blast wander and Windripper tornado shot are currently the fastest builds that can support a lot of magic find and are relatively cheap to get going. Also use a small program called currency cop. It can scan your stash tabs and give you an estimation of the total value of the stuff in those tabs. You might have a lot of value in div cards, smaller currencies, essences and maps you didn't realize you had. But in the end it all comes down to running as many maps as possible and doing so as fast as possible. All of your smaller drops will add up and you will get big drops every once in while. When you encounter some problems that you don't understand in the game, please don't panic, you can log in our official website on, there are some guides and news related to the Path of Exile for beginners.


Are You Confused On Quickly Valueing PoE Items

In Path of Exile, some new players may don't know how quickly valueing items to sell. If you have the same doubts as the following questions, take a close look at the answers below. And bear in mind that enough poe exalted orb is important for you. 1) Already using a lootfilter (neversinks on v-strict). Some of the items it suggests to pick up seem to be worthless (e.g. lots of rings, belts etc) - is this because there is a vendor recipe I should be using here? The only reason why it tells you to pick those up, is that they have atleast some potential to be good, although they are usually trash. the other yellow bases you see (not highlighted) are the ones that can never be good. 2) Some of these rare items I know can be extremely valuable. I currently use the poe trade macro to get an idea of the price. Does this only look at the value of the item rather than any of the stats? Macro is shoddy at best for rares. It considers stats but doesn't generalize well (and doesn't consider stats for uniques). 3) When trying to work out the value of an item (or at least, if it is worth trying to sell) is there a way to quickly estimate if it has value? stats to look for value of the stats etc? For a rule of thumb, high life plus good resists is always valuable. You will have to play a lot to know by heart what everything else that doesn't fit that rule is worth. 4) I am rolling all my maps with alc and sometimes chisels. Anything else I should really be doing? Generally I run maps I can safely clear to avoid dying and losing exp. There's a lot of potential depth here, but in the beginning your limiting factor is probably how many maps you're doing. Alch and go is fine up to tier 14 or so where map returns become an obstacle. There are lots of specific mapping strategies (shaping strats, elder rings, sextants/vaaling - search any of the buzzwords and the current patch) that can be really profitable, but more than likely if you're poor, it's because you're going slowly and thinking about being poor instead of putting another map in. 5) Anything else I should be aware of to make more currency while mapping? Clear fast, use a dump tab, don't spend time selling everytime you finish a map. Do for example 20 maps, fill a tab of items, then ID and sell them all at once.


Useful Tips For You To Roll PoE Maps For Maximum Profit

In Path of Exile, there wasn't a lot of information about how best to roll the maps for maximum profit. The following are some tips on looting and map run procedure. These were my rules for all the runs. Currency: I picked up all currency from Alterations/Chance/Jewellers and up. I also picked up Thaumaturgical and Necromancy nets only. I also picked up Gold Amulets and chanced them, but this should have a minimal impact on total revenue. You can also buy poe currency cheap on website. Recipes: I only used the Jeweller recipe throughout all of my runs. No chaos or chrome, those are a huge waste of time and inventory space. Uniques: I picked up every single unique I could as long as I had room in my inventor. I vendored every unique that wasn't easily sellable for 1c+ or was a ring in case people were still doing the Loreweave recipe and wanted to see how long it would take to stack rings. I could have kept track of pure droprate of alchs vs shards from uniques to see how much influence it ended up having on my profit but that would have been super time consuming. Rares: The only rares I every picked up were Jewels, both Abyss and regular, and Stygian Vises from Abyssal Depths. I would only keep jewels that were easy sells for 5c+ (3-4 relevant properties). I found none up to that standard in all my runs. This could be something to filter out in the future. Maps: I filtered out every map that wasn't a Burial Chamber, including T5's. Cards: I picked up all cards for Sac frags, Breachstones, Splinters, Gamblers, Portals, GCP (out of boxes), and Talismans. I really shouldn't have picked up Talisman cards but I forgot to filter it out and was too lazy to fix it once I started. Essences: I released every Essence that I found and used Corruptions on all the purple ones for a shot at the big boys. I didn't keep track of my overall use of Corruptions, but I would estimate I used at max 5 over all runs. Sacrifice Fragments: I picked up every Sac Frag that dropped from the boss at the end of the map, and used none of them. Strongboxes: I didn't roll any strongboxes, including Arcanist/Cartogropher/Diviner, I just instantly released. I didn't come across any Diviners but I did find one Carto and a few Arcanist. Abyss: I followed every single Abyss, even the ones that went backwards. I entered every Abyssal Depths and finished every one, regardless of if there was a lich or not. I found a lich twice throughout all my runs. Prophecies: I fully blocked out my whole Prophecy tab so that none would proc during any of my runs. I just knew I'd forget at some point to keep rolling prophecies and it would skew my data. Miscellaneous: I also picked up all Divine Vessels and Splinters during Breaches. I didn't pick up any quality gems or quality flasks, as it would be too time-consuming to track and sell for those recipes.


Do You Know The Flame Golems In Path Of Exile?

Golems are a type of minion that provides a direct buff to the character who summoned them, but not to anyone else. A player may only have one Golem active at any given time by default. Enough poe exalted orb is needed in game. I spent hours tinkering with support gems both in PoB and in game. I experimented with a dozen different spectres as support. I linked multiple Belly of the Beasts so that I wouldn't have to recolor. I tried single curses, double curses, curse on hit, blasphemy. I explored poison (with severed in sleep), charge generation(with victario's charity), bleeding (with vulnerability and chance to bleed and bloodlust on spectres) and elemental (kaltensoul, hatred, added fire, wed, etc.). It's just not good. After getting all my relevant gems to 20/20 and settling on what I thought was the best ice golem setup, I decided to see how flame golems would fare without changing any skill points or setups beyond gems. At this point, I did not have elemental equilibrium, and I bought level 15-18 gems, most with no quality, to experiment with flame golems. Flame Golems: Flame golems are the king of golemancer builds; they have by far the highest damage and clear speed. Let's summarize. 1) Elemental Equilibrium: The easiest way to cast offering skills is with a channeled skill and cast while channeling. The easiest channeling skill to deal elemental damage with is storm burst - piercing projectiles, high rate of fire, aoe damage upon release. So the best type of minion damage to deal is Not Lightning. Flame golems deal 100% fire damage with all three skills, so they get the full benefit of elemental equilibrium. 2) Spectre Synergy: No spectre can top Tukohama Vanguards for single target dps. TV vanguards debuff fire resists with their scorching ray totems. Flame Golems get perfect spectre synergy. 3) Link synergy: All three skills used by flame golems are spells. Two of them are projectile spells. All three are 100% fire. This makes support links easy to choose. 4) Aura Synergy: Aura supports are only mediocre for flame golems. Anger adds a bit more damage, haste adds more cast and movement speed. Probably you'll use a defensive aura like discipline, though. 5) Curse Synergy: Curses provide only modest dps increases for flame golems. Flammability, obviously, can add some damage, but you're already getting two sources of fire resistance debuff. Probably use a defensive aura like temporal chains, instead. Not only do flame golems have the highest base damage, but they also have the best synergy with spectres and they have the most specialized move set. Though it is in theory possible to take other golems to the endgame, in practice it is frustrating to play anything but fire. Keep an eye on poe trade currency is a good choice.


Effective Path Of Exile Guide On Poison

In Path of Exile, do you know poison? It is an ailment that deals chaos damage over time to the affected target. A hit of damage that has a chance to poison is capable of inflicting poison. Only physical and chaos damage are able to inflict poison. 1. Poison is a cumulatively stacking debuff. Each application - or 'stack' - of poison remains present on the target dealing chaos damage over time until it runs its course. There is no limit to the number of poison stacks a target can have. A single "hit" can apply a maximum of one poison stack, therefore having more than 100% chance to poison is redundant. 2. The base damage per second dealt by a given application of poison equals 20% of the combined physical and chaos damage of the base damage dealt which applied that particular instance of poison. 3. As an ailment modifier, stats modifying spell damage and attack damage do not apply to poison, nor damage modifers that are only affected by the skill. 4. The following modifiers will directly affect the damage of poison: Damage, Damage over Time, Chaos Damage, Poison Damage. Trap, mine, minion or totem damage modifiers will also affect the damage of poison if it is applied by a trap, a mine, a minion or a totem respectively. 5. The default base duration of poison is 2 seconds. Viper Strike inflicts poison with a base duration of 4 seconds. Increasing poison duration with the Temporal Chains curse results in a longer-lasting poison that deals damage at the same rate. If you are new to the game and don't want to mess up your first build, follow some build guide from u4gm. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work.

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